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  • Locally Owned
  • Family Operated
  • Free delivery to Cheyenne
  • Dry Aged
  • All Natural
  • No Hormones, Steroids
    or Antibiotics

Genuine Wyoming Product

Custom Orders, By the Pound

Please use the form below for smaller orders. You can order by the pound (e.g. 5 lbs of Steak) or by cut quantity (e.g. 5 steaks). Please let us know.

All steaks are cut 1" thick and most have only 1 per package. Liver is cut 1/2" with multiple slices per package. The meat is in high quality vacuum sealed packaging by a USDA certified facility.

Delivery is free in Cheyenne with a minimum 5 lb order. We'll make arrangements with you if you are outside that area.

Current delivery day is Tuesday, unless otherwise arranged. We need your order by 6pm Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Payment is due on delivery. We accept check, cash, credit card, and Paypal.

We also offer discounts on bulk (100 lb +) orders - click here for details.

See the price list below. Items are available only while supplies last. No bulk discounts on Sale items. Your ordered pounds DO count toward your 100 LB bulk order total. If we find sales for Limited Items are keeping up with supply, we may choose to make them permanent (its how we discovered Skirt and Flank Steaks).

Contact Information
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Order Details
Description (Cuts & Average Sizes) $ / lb Preferred Size Quantity
Specify lbs or Cuts (# of packages)
Ground Beef (~1 lb) $6.55/lb
Ground Beef - 25 lb box
Patties (3 per~1 lb) $7.55/lb
Regular Stew (~1 lb) $6.75/lb
3" Short Ribs (2-4 per Pkg) $4.95/lb
Soup Bones-with meat (1-4 per Pkg) $3.95/lb
Beef Bones-NO meat, bone only (1-3 per Pkg) $2.75/lb
Ox Tails (1-2 lb Pkg) $3.95/lb
Liver (0.5-1 lb Pkg) $3.50/lb
Round Roast (2-3 lb) $8.95/lb
Chuck Roast (2-3 lb) $10.75/lb
Brisket (2.5-5 lb) $9.25/lb
Tri Tip Roast (2-4 lb) $10.95/lb
Skirt Steak (0.5-1.5 lb) $10.95/lb
Flank Steak (0.75-1.5 lb) $10.95/lb
Cube Steak (0.25-1 lb) $8.95/lb
Round Steak (0.5-1.25 lb) $8.95/lb
Sirloin Steak (0.5-1.5 lb) $11.50/lb
Flat Iron Steak (0.5-1 lb) $13.25/lb
NY Strip Steak (0.5-1 lb) $18.75/lb
T-Bone Steak (1-1.75 lb) $18.75/lb
Rib Eye Steak (0.75-1.25 lb) $20.25/lb
Tenderloin Steak (0.25-0.75 lb) $26.75/lb
Limited Item:
Arm Roast (2-2.5 lb)
Limited Item:
Pot Roast (2.25-2.5 lb)
Limited Item:
Heel of Round Roast (2.5-3 lb)
Limited Item:
Bavette Steak (.5-1 lb)

Questions / Special Instructions
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