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Due to having 2 Processors, we have 2 different packaging styles. The quality of packaging is comparable (different seal types). Also, our custom labels are not yet back, so we are still using the new processors general USDA labels. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 7 Bar 2 Beef, LLC
    • Wyoming Raised
    • Locally Owned
    • Family Operated
    • Free delivery to Cheyenne
    • Dry Aged
    • All Natural
    • No Hormones, Steroids
      or Antibiotics

    Genuine Wyoming Product

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: What does "All-Natural" mean?

    All-Natural is an official claim that is regulated by the USDA, meaning that the product is:

    In addition to meeting or exceeding these requirements, our beef is hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free. Nature thought of beef and did most of the work. Why should we change it?

    We have certified all our marketing claims to the State of Wyoming and the USDA.

    Q: How do you raise your beef?

    Our animals graze freely on our mountain pastures during the Spring, Summer, and Fall (as much as possible). During the winter, they are given feed that we buy from area farmers or grow ourselves and grind fresh regularly. They grow the way nature intended, and that has benefits of higher nutrition and a more natural taste. Finally, the animals are fed nutrient balanced finishing rations with moderate amounts of grain for roughly 120 days to give them the flavor, tenderness, and quality your family deserves.

    Q: How is your beef packaged?

    For your safety and convenience, all our beef is vacuum-sealed and frozen. This high-quality packaging not only keeps your meat clean and safe, but also gives it a tremendous shelf-life without risk of freezer burn or spoilage, as long as you keep it frozen. Our facilities let us keep the product in a temperature-controlled environment at all times, right until we deliver it to your door.

    Q: Will freezing ground beef kill the bacteria?

    No. Only cooking to the proper degree of doneness can kill the bacteria.

    Q: What other cuts are there? How can different cuts be prepared?

    Following is a chart of widely used cuts, the areas they come from, and the best ways to prepare them:

    • Rib Roast, Large End: Roast
    • Rib Roast, Small End: Roast
    • Rib Steak, Small End: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Rib Eye Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Rib Eye Roast: Roast
    • Back Ribs: Braise, Cook in Liquid, Roast
    • Chuck Eye Roast, Boneless: Braise, Roast
    • Top Blade Steak, Boneless: Braise, Panfry
    • Arm Pot Roast: Braise
    • Shoulder Pot Roast, Boneless: Braise
    • Mock Tender Roast: Braise
    • Blade Roast: Braise
    • Under Blade Pot Roast: Braise, Roast
    • 7-Bone Pot Roast: Braise
    • Short Ribs: Braise, Cook in Liquid
    • Flanken-Style Ribs: Braise, Cook in Liquid
    • Cross Rib Pot Roast: Braise
    • Round Steak: Braise, Panfry
    • Top Round Roast: Roast
    • Top Round Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Bottom Round Roast: Braise, Roast
    • Tip Roast Cap Off: Roast, Braise
    • Eye Round Roast: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Tip Steak: Braise, Roast
    • Boneless Rump Roast: Roast, Braise
    Short Loin:
    • Top Loin Steak, Boneless: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • T-Bone Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Porterhouse Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Tenderloin Roast/Steak: Roast, Broil
    • Top Sirloin Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Sirloin Steak: Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Tenderloin Roast/Steak: Roast, Broil
    • Beef Tri: Tip-Broil, Grill
    • Whole Brisket: Braise, Cook in Liquid
    • Brisket, Point Half, Corned: Braise, Cook in Liquid
    • Brisket, Flat Half: Braise
    • Skirt Steak: Braise, Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry
    • Shank Cross Cut: Braise, Cook in Liquid
    • Flank Steak: Broil, Braise, Panfry
    • Flank Steak Rolls: Braise, Broil, Pan-broil, Panfry